Dahua 4K-HDCVI Series Surveillance Products


Born in 2012 by the hands of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., HDCVI quickly gained international fame by becoming a whole new international standard in CCTV, reviving the old coaxial technology. Over the years, this technology has continued to evolve. 2 MP, 4 MP, and now this year Dahua technology is bringing HDCVI into the 4K era, a brighter world.

Dahua 4K-HDCVI

Dahua 4K-HDCVI adopts 4K Ultra HD image acquisition and back-end DVR storage. The HDCVI technology architecture has overcome the common transmission bandwidth bottleneck to achieve high resolution video previously only available over IPC. Dahua offers a total of 6 products to demonstrate this major breakthrough, extending the potential of HDCVI into the future.

The Dahua 4K HDCVI offer includes a 4K box camera (DH-HAC-HF3805G), a 4K infrared chip (DH-HAC-HFW3802E-Z) and a dome camera (DH-HAC-HDBW3802E-Z), a panoramic fish camera -eye 4K (DH- HAC-EBW3802), a 4K 180 degree multi-sensor panoramic camera (DH-HAC-PFW3601-A180) and a series of supported 4K XVRs (HCVR7000-4K series). By deploying superior signal modulation mechanism and noise reduction technique, Dahua 4K Ultra HD solution transmits 4K video signal up to 700m (RG6 cable).

Dahua 4K-HDCVI Products

DH-HAC-HF3805G, adopts SONY 4/3 “8MP STARVIS sensor, produces 3840 (H) x 2160 (V) ultra-high resolution images, equivalent to the performance of 4X 1080 HD camera, to achieve wide-angle coverage and clear video evidence at the same time. This camera also offers functions such as autofocus, image magnification for dynamic detection and link alarm without the need to use it with the back-end. To be used with applicable housing, this camera is ideal for outdoor surveillance. The excellent 0.001Lux / F1.2 allows the DH-HAC-HF3805G to have excellent performance and exceptional visibility under conditions difficult lighting.

Another star product is the DH-HAC-PFW3601-A180. Using Dahua’s advanced image stitching algorithm to perform 180 degree panoramic seamless stitching, it is the first HDCVI multi-lens infrared camera with 4K 180 degree panoramic view. Using three SONY STARVIS sensors and an F1.4 large aperture lens, this infrared camera provides high quality images even in low light conditions. By working with the 4K backend, panoramic images can offer auto-tracking to achieve multi-target split-screen view using magnifying tracking. Electronic cruise, aka E-PTZ, is also supported in this case. It will benefit the detection of moving targets in critical areas. In addition, the camera has IP67 and IK10 protection, making it a good choice for important entrances and exits, urban intersections and parks.

The intelligent design of the DH-HAC-EBW3802 fisheye increases the pixel usage of the sensor to 90% and as a result, this camera recognizes a person’s face up to 10m away

DH-HAC-HFW3802E-Z, Dahua 4K HDCVI WDR IR-Bullet Camera, DH-HAC-HDBW3802E-Z, Dahua 4K HDCVI WDR IR-Dome Camera and DH-HAC-EBW3802, Dahua 4K HDCVI IR-Fisheye Camera, use Sensor 1/2 “8MP to offer wide angle coverage and high resolution, and all three are equipped with IP67 and IK10 protection, making them suitable for different weather conditions. With auto focus lens integrated, the DH-HAC-HFW3802E-Z and DH-HAC-HDBW3802E-Z cover different monitoring scenarios with focal length of 3.7-11mm. In addition, far infrared (UFIR) and low Cabling cost are also considerable strengths of both cameras.The intelligent design of the DH-HAC-EBW3802 fisheye increases the pixel usage of the sensor to 90% and as a result, this camera recognizes a person’s face up to at a distance of 10 m. The deformation is carried out in the back-end HCVR70000-4K or in the mobile client application. It takes Support various multi-image distortion view modes to suit almost any use.

The HCVR7000-4K series, 4K HDCVI decoder, deploys H. 264+ to save up to 70% storage space. It supports 4K @ 15fps encoding and provides high resolution 4K HDMI output. The 4/8 channel device supports 4 + 2/8 + 4 IPC connection, and a single channel supports up to 8MP resolution. The HCVR7000-4K series has one / two SATA interfaces and up to 8TB capacity for each drive. It is also equipped with a gigabit Ethernet network interface and supports IVS and face detection functions for analog and smart IP cameras.

HDCVI’s scalable and extensible architecture enables scalable products and solutions to be developed. It protects customer investment by enabling a seamless upgrade to new technologies as they emerge. With the introduction of 4K HDCVI as a tipping point, the era of HDCVI 4.0 is gradually unfolding before the security world. Dahua HDCVI 4.0 includes 4K-HDCVI, IoT-HDCVI and AI-HDCVI is leading the industry into a new era of higher resolution, smarter and more convenience.


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