Czech company ERA presents new passive surveillance system


through Michal zdobinsky

The PLEES has a 360 ° surveillance field of view by antenna rotation and an instantaneous 30 ° field of view. (Michal Zdobinsky)

The Czech Republic’s ERA presented a new passive long-range ESM surveillance system (PLESS) with a range of up to 700 km on September 18 during the opening of NATO Days in Ostrava.

The new over-the-horizon system is capable of detecting, locating, analyzing, identifying and tracking stationary and slow targets – via sources of electromagnetic radiation in the 0.1 to 18 GHz band – in fully passive mode.

According to the ERA, the intercept range allows the use of reflective interception of the signal in the tropospheric layers to be used. It operates on the angle of arrival principle (AoA), with support for multilateration using the time difference of arrival (TdoA) principle. For 2D localization of the target, at least two separate sensors are required, since the triangulation method is used. The direction finding precision is less than 0.5 ° for tropospheric scattering.

On the ground, PLESS can target long, medium and short range ground radars. It can detect pulsed signals to communications, such as radars, data links or jammers, according to ERA literature.

In the maritime domain, it can detect, locate, track and identify various signal transmitters on ships or automatic identification systems (AIS). PLESS can also detect and identify aerial platforms, or can locate and determine the position of a ground control station for UAS control.

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ERA of the Czech Republic has introduced a new passive long-range ESM monitoring system (PLESS) with sound …


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