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Chinese surveillance products are sold on Amazon (VIDEO)

Dahua and Hikvision are accused of being linked to the Chinese military and human rights violations. Amazon profits from selling its products online.

It looks like any other wireless security camera you could buy from Amazon.

But this one is made by Dahua – one of the few Chinese surveillance providers that the US Department of Defense and NASA are. forbidden to do business with. The the government says the companies are backing the Chinese military, which means anything the camera sees could end up there.

“The idea that the images could be taken by the Chinese is not even theoretical. It is absolutely verified.”

This is retired Brigadier General Robert Spalding, who previously headed National Security Council strategy in the White House.

“Having a device in your house is the same as having a tunnel that had been dug from an enemy’s location through your house, entering through your living room,” he says.

But there is more. US blacklisted Dahua for human rights violations: Million estimated to have been sent to internment camps in China – Biden administration call it genocide. Dahua is accused of helping by sharing his technology to monitor minorities, especially an ethnic group called Uyghurs.

With just a few clicks, Newsy discovered that Dahua cameras were being sold in plain view of Amazon – and there are no warnings alerting customers to government ties or human rights violations.

This is also true of Chinese Hikvision, a company accused by the United States of the same transgressions, and which claims to be the “largest manufacturer of video surveillance products in the world”.

Hikvision digital storefront is still standing – as well as a subsidiary whose products include an Amazon Alexa-compatible baby monitor. Other stores sell the companies’ products – and carry names like “DC Security”Even though they are based in China.

Selling their products is not illegal, but it does raise ethical questions for technology analysts like Lindsay Gorman.

“Companies like Amazon need to have strong due diligence practices and do an analysis of all of their products, where they’re sourcing from, and understand very deeply how those products relate to some of the abuses that we’ve seen,” he says. she.

Hikvision and Dahua officials tell Newsy they are not linked to the Chinese military or cracking down on civilians. A spokesperson for Hikvision said he was engaging with governments around the world to clarify “misunderstandings.”

Amazon says it aspires to be “the world’s most customer-centric company” and tells us it is always in compliance with the law. But an employee speaking on condition of anonymity says there is “too much” to follow. Frankly, Amazon is “too big”.

The company also said it hastily purchased Dahua thermal imaging cameras in 2020 to protect employees from COVID-19, but has no plans to purchase more.

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