Chicago Park District councilors and city council are concerned about the effectiveness of surveillance cameras, according to the Better Government Association

CHICAGO (WLS) — In April, a Better Government Association investigation into the Chicago Park District’s distribution of security cameras in Chicago’s sprawling neighborhood park system found a tiny camera program with little money and riddled with inequities and neglect.

“We found that there were only security cameras in 16 parks in the city of 600 owned and operated by the park district, or less than 3% of the city’s parks,” said Sidnee King of the BGA. “And often these security cameras are in parks where negligible amounts of crime have been reported in the last year.”

The BGA later discovered that Chicago Park District advisory staff and members of the Chicago City Council had expressed concerns about the effectiveness of these cameras.

Local leaders said they weren’t sure the cameras were of high enough quality or that the Chicago Police Department had access to the footage.

It all started after a shooting in the parking lot of Lincoln Park High School. The BGA said a councilman contacted the Chicago Park District to ask how he could access footage from nearby cameras, but was unable to get an answer.

Read the full Better Government Association initial survey here.

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