CCTV captures building explosion in Chicago


CHICAGO (WLS) — The cause of the explosion and collapse of a building in Chicago was still under investigation Wednesday.

Surveillance video captured the moment of the explosion on camera.

In the video, a woman stands on the sidewalk just before the four-story building explodes. She is then seen running in terror, dodging bricks, cement and shards of glass spitting into the street.

Tuesday’s collapse and explosion injured eight people, three of them seriously.

Other victims of the explosion are trying to figure out where they will start again with what little they have left.

Mack Julion is a colleague of one of the victims injured in the incident. He said the man worked as a postman, was inside the building and was among the rubble.

“His condition, he’s in very serious condition right now,” Julion said.

Another camera angle of the explosion shows a bright orange flash of the explosion. In that single moment, the homes and lives of dozens of families were shattered.

“All of our stuff is covered in debris, dust, glass, ceiling. I’m talking about everything being destroyed,” said an anonymous resident, uncomfortable sharing his name.

Residents returned Wednesday morning for a 30-minute window to grab what they could.

“Your heart just drops when you think of the people who were in that building when it happened,” said building owner Roman Viere.

The urban ministries of the Red Cross and the Circle have mobilized to provide immediate assistance.

“Now the question is, ‘Where do I put my stuff? and ‘Where do I go next?’ said James Borishade, CEO of Circle Urban Ministries.

An unnamed resident said the building owner and management were not offering enough.

“They’re trying to put us inside another apartment that’s $150 more than what we’re paying in rent right now,” they said.

In a statement, a spokesperson for apartment rental agency Urban Alternatives said, “For all residents, Urban Alternatives will transfer their rents and deposits to cover the expenses of their new accommodation.”

With their homes lost without explanation, it is now an hour-to-hour struggle for displaced residents.

Authorities are still trying to figure out what caused the explosion.

The owner said he was not sure if people would ever return to live in this building.


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