Best BBQ Tools and Cleaning Products to Keep Your Grill Shining



When summer rolls around, the nation agrees on one thing: it’s barbecue season.

Grills come out of hibernation and are put to work grilling anything that can withstand the heat, from zucchini strips and carrots to juicy shrimp, chicken wings, steak and more.

We eat, drink and laugh with our friends and family until the sun goes down – and why not? We’ve been waiting for this all year. But it can also mean postponing that difficult but necessary chore of cleaning up the barbecue after the party is over.

Whether you’re the type to wipe down your grill after every use, clean it with a fire in between, or wait until the end of the season for a thorough cleaning, keeping your grill in top condition is the surefire way to ensure that it stays in place. act longer.

The good news is that there are plenty of cleaning products and tools to help you get the job done, with minimal grunt and elbow grease. We’ve rounded up the best options below to help you get your grill back to its best.

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The best barbecue cleaning tools

Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

You’ve had the barbecue to end all barbecues, but there’s a cloud on the horizon – the backbreaking work of cleaning the grill afterwards.

While humanity may be able to send surveillance technology to Mars and probes to the depths of the ocean, the technology has delivered another remarkable piece of technology: a grill-cleaning robot.

Non-negotiable for those who have planned barbecues every weekend by October, this nifty gadget will work on charred meat and greasy grills while you relax with friends and family.

Place it directly on the grill, even if it’s hot, and it’ll get right back to cleaning it like a whistle. Once the timer is set, an alarm will sound to let you know the job is done, after which the only thing you need to do is remove the hard-working brushes and put them in the dishwasher. Very easy.

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Weber Grill T-Brush, 30cm

True grill masters know that a good wire brush is your first port of call in the battle against caked-on barbecue grease. Weber’s BBQ Brush is super strong thanks to its sturdy triangular design that sports a stainless steel wire on one end to attack the worst food debris snagged on charcoal and electric barbecue grills. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold and can be hung on a barbecue hook – if your machine has one – to keep it close at hand.

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Wilko triangular barbecue brush

A triple threat to barbecue grease packaged in a clever triangular design, this brush includes a scraper, brass wire brush and strong scouring pad to get your barbecue looking like new again, no matter what kind of stains and grime you are facing. You can pair it with any of the cleaning products from our list below to make the job easier, but for tackling light stains and grease, this tool has the armory to remove them effectively on its own- same.

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Grill brush with Tramontina plastic handle

If you’re using a barbecue brush, the handle is almost as important as the bristles. It should be comfortable to hold while you remove stubborn grease from the grate. The Brazilian version of Tramontina has an ergonomic handle and is made from polypropylene plastic, making it a pleasure to hold. The commercial end, the brush head, features strong black oxide coated stainless steel bristles for added strength and there are flat and curved edges for scraping your grates.

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Sizzle Buddy – the ultimate barbecue cleaner

The laws of nature state that pleasure and pain are two sides of the same coin. In barbecue terms, that means once you’ve completely feasted on flame-grilled morsels, the torture of waddling around to clean the thing up begins.

This gadget includes a stainless steel brush head that you can use to clean charred and stuck-on bits from your BBQ feast while the grill is still hot. The heat-resistant barrel holds a 300ml water reservoir that you can use to help shed fat without any toxins, and the other end has a curved, flat scraping tool to snip away any accumulated fat. Using this tool directly on the barbecue means you can avoid dirtying the house by bringing all parts of the grill indoors.

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The best barbecue cleaning products

Traeger All Natural BBQ Cleaner, 950ml

Designed specifically for the Traegar line of grills and barbecue accessories, this all-natural cleaner will help you get your beloved barbecue equipment looking like new again. It cuts through stubborn grease with ease using plant-based ingredients, all of which are non-flammable, non-allergenic, unscented and biodegradable. Spray on the grates once they are removed from the barbecue and also use them to wipe down the trays and surfaces.

Buy now £19.99, John Lewis

HG oven, grill and barbecue cleaner (500 ml)

A great all-purpose cleaner to keep in your cleaning cabinet, this HG product will not only make your barbecue spotless, it can also be used inside the house to shine your oven. The grease-cutting formula gets to work on stubborn burnt-on grime from the first spritz.

Simply apply to the desired area, wait and wipe off – no harsh grafting required. You may need to repeat the process for heavily soiled areas, but your patience will pay off. An Amazon reviewer said: ‘Tried to clean the disgusting oven left by previous tenants, after trying every oven cleaner you could think of I found this one and it’s finally clean. I could cry. I am so happy.”

Shop Now £5.99, Amazon

Gas barbecue cleaner Garten Glück

After a fun day in the sun with your closest friends, the last thing you’ll want to do is scrub your gas or electric grill. Luckily, this German-made cleaner is here to save the day with a heavy-duty degreasing formula that will easily remove stains from your grill plate. Simply spray on when you’re done cooking and let the cleanser, which contains cold-pressed lemon oil, get to work. Then just wipe away oil, grease and stuck-on meat with your trusty grill cleaning brush. Work done!

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Weber Grill Cleaner, 36g Trigger Spray Bottle

Get your grill grilling again (sorry) with this cleaning formula from Weber, the BBQ experts. Safe to use on all kinds of barbecue machines, it is free of hazardous ingredients and is biodegradable, adding an extra element of safety for use on cooking appliances. The bottle sprays a fine mist from any angle, allowing you to easily reach hard-to-reach places. Just apply, leave on for five minutes to work its magic, and remove with a wire brush.

Buy now £12.00, B&Q

Elbow Grease BBQ Rack Grill Cleaning Set

Looking for a cleaner that won’t break the bank or leave you with sore muscles? Head to The Range, where you can pick up the Elbow Grease Cleaning Kit, which is specially designed to remove the worst grime from the grill. The easy-to-use bottled formula comes with gloves and is the perfect deep clean for barbecue grills at the end of your cooking season.

Buy now £2.49, the range

Bar-Be-Quick Oven & BBQ Cleaner 500ml

Even the most desperate grill could get a reprieve with this effective cleaner from Bar-Be-Quick. Suitable for both stainless steel and enamel surfaces, stubborn stains won’t stand a chance against this hard-working formula – and the best part is that it’ll also work inside ovens, giving it the kind of multifunctionality that many appreciate in a cleaning product.

A former client said: “I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. Had a very skanky BBQ that was left uncovered last year. Being lazy, my partner and I even considered throwing the barbecue away. I used part of it and it’s like new! Cleaned up in half the time expected. »

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Nothing kills a great party like the thought of having to clean up afterwards. This is why we are so seduced by the GrillBot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot – it will quickly free your machine of grease and grime while you slump on the couch, cradling your baby in barbecue food.


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