Barrie Police Focus on Upgrading and Maintaining Downtown Surveillance System


“They constantly need connectivity, work, cleaning and annual inspections,” says Barrie police officer

Barrie’s downtown CCTV camera system is being refined and upgraded.

A provincial investment of $170,000 is aimed at improving the technology of the 21-camera CCTV system and the quality of its data to ensure they operate effectively and efficiently, said Cst. Keira Brooks, community safety and wellbeing officer for the local police department.

“We are already working on improving the quality of service,” she said, with regular maintenance.

The four-lens cameras provided a useful resource for investigations and identifying suspects, Brooks said.

Ultimately, she says, they strengthen the evidence.

When there is a conflict or issue involving the police, officers will often determine if there is a camera in that particular area and, if so, the data can then be extracted and reviewed as potential evidence.

“They constantly need connectivity, work, cleaning and annual inspections…to improve network connectivity,” Brooks said.

The downtown CCTV system was installed about ten years ago with 10 camera locations. It has received additional attention since then, especially in recent years

The Barrie Police Department had secured a provincial closed-circuit television (CCTV) grant of $170,000 as part of a three-year, $6 million provincial program.

In 2019, the city also invested $225,000 in the Barrie Police Capital Reserve for the CCTV system to replace cameras in 2020 and 2021.


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