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Mon 18 April 2022



Fishery products exported from Ambon, Maluku Province, are gaining popularity among overseas customers. To meet the growing demand, the Ambon Customs Office, which facilitates trade and provides industrial assistance, continues its efforts to provide the necessary services, assistance and export facilities to fishing companies in the region. .

Ambon Customs Office Acting Chief Budi Santoso noted that fish products from the region have become a popular commodity among international customers and the office is committed to providing services and facilities. to exporters of fishery products in the region.

“The potential is huge, so [the sector] needs the support of all parties to succeed,” Budi said.

The Ambon Customs Office opened in Singapore on Tuesday as a new export destination for fish products from the region. PT Harta Samudra delivered the first shipment of eight boxes containing 240,000 kilograms of yellowfin tuna loin, with an export value of US$2,784.39.

Budi explained that Harta Samudra had exported fish products to Vietnam, but has now extended its shipping services to Singapore. He expressed hope that this was a good sign of growth in fishery product exports for Maluku, especially Ambon.

In addition, Ambon Customs Office helped facilitate exports in conjunction with PT Rajawali Laut Timur to Hong Kong on Friday, even though it was a public holiday.

The cargo contained “various types of fish, such as sunu grouper, tiger grouper, ungar fish or obliquebanded sweetlips, live grouper and parrotfish, with a net weight of 18,030 kilograms. [and] a foreign exchange value of exports reaching $294,818,” Budi said.

He added that the fish were distributed from the government-run marine fishing facility (BPBL) at Waiheru in Ambon Bay, with the export of live fish being shipped to Hong Kong the very next day.

Rajawali Laut Timur obtained licenses for Fish Quarantine Facility (IKI) and Quality Fish Quarantine Methods (CKIB) from Fish Quarantine Officer Muhammad Hatta Arisandi at Fish Quality Control Agency ‘Ambon (BKIPM).

Budi was present to mark the momentous event, alongside Ambon Export and Customs Support Team Leader, Mr. Yusuf Nasution, as well as several representatives from other relevant agencies, including Karolis Iwamony , head of culture at the Maluku Marine and Fisheries Department, Mubarok, the head of the Ambon Marine and Fishery Resource Monitoring and Control Office (PSDKP) and Sarwono, the head of the Fisheries and Marine Culture Center of Ambon ambo.

“We are grateful for the support from all parties,” Rajawali Laut Maluku manager Hasan said.

“Even though there are many obstacles, we still received prompt and solution-based services. As a result, we are currently facilitating the operations of approximately 1,000 assisted fishermen.


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