Altronix introduces products that simplify system integrations and increase profitability


Atlanta, GA (September 12, 2022) – Altronix is ​​at GSX 2022, booth 1824, to showcase its latest power and data transmission solutions.

Highlighted new products increase system capacity while conserving valuable space, allow more edge devices to be deployed, and distribute greater power to accommodate a myriad of surveillance and security applications, all while reducing labor and installation costs.

“Altronix’s innovative new products support our commitment to providing solutions that further enhance system capabilities in access, surveillance and security applications allowing for quick and easy installation,” said Alan Forman, president of Altronix. Altronix Corporation. “And of equal importance, all Altronix products are backed by our experienced team of support professionals, a lifetime warranty and decades of unparalleled field-proven reliability.”

Altronix is ​​launching its new compact ACMS12 access power controllers and PDS16 power distribution modules at GSX 2022. These new products further expand access control system capability in the access and integration series Altronix Trove power supply, and virtually any wall or rack mount configuration, reducing overall equipment and installation costs.

The ACMS12 has two inputs for driving power from two independent 5 to 24 VDC power sources across twelve independently failsafe/safe power outputs. Fire alarm disconnection is selectable per output. The PDS16 also has two inputs and is designed to direct AC or DC power to sixteen power outputs. Both feature bi-color LEDs indicating the voltage supplied by each output and are available in fuse or PTC protected versions.

Altronix is ​​also highlighting an expanded offering of Trove Access and Power Integration products that fit more leading access brands and provide a new way to add more capacity without using additional wall space. Pre-configured labor-saving Trove kits with power distribution and cable management, plus new accessory additions including color-matched enclosures that can accommodate battery backup and high-capacity cabling are also exhibited.

Additional Altronix highlights at GSX 2020 include:

  • Altronix’s innovative Tango PoE power supplies/chargers take advantage of low-voltage installation methods using 802.3bt PoE, reducing labor costs associated with dedicated conduits and cables. When combined with Altronix sub-assemblies, Tango supports multiple interlocking devices with power for controllers and auxiliary devices using a single 12 volt LiFePO4 battery for 12VDC and 24VDC backup.
  • NetWay Single and Multiport midspans support the latest 802.3bt IP cameras, locking devices, LED lighting and more, delivering up to 90W per port. NetWay Spectrum hardened PoE switches and media converters accept fiber, copper or hybrid cables for deploying IP devices in remote locations with or without local power.
  • Altronix NetWay PoE adapters enable the deployment of two devices over a single cable. The NetWay3012P converter/adapter simultaneously provides PoE+ (30W) and 12VDC to power an IP camera with an external microphone, and more. The 2-port NetWay2ES switch provides 30W per port (60W total) to deploy two IP devices in a single location, reducing installation and labor costs.

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