A DC hit and run caught on CCTV


Surveillance video shows the moment a truck hit a man and his son on a moped and then drove off.

WASHINGTON DC, DC – A rushed crash in northwest DC has neighbors demanding changes at a busy intersection that has been the scene of several safety issues.

Surveillance video shows the moment a left-turning green truck on Rock Creek Church Road Northwest from Varnum Street Northwest hit a father and son on a moped on Monday morning.

“I noticed a child and an adult lying on the ground,” said Stephanie Lawrence, a neighbor seen in the footage asking the victims if they are okay as the driver drove off.

Another driver who witnessed the accident chased the green truck and managed to get a photo of the number plates according to Lawrence who told WUSA9: “I’m actually quite furious, furious at the events that happened. products the other day.”

Neighbors say the victims were not injured, but the incident has highlighted safety issues at the intersection.

WUSA9 was on the scene at the same intersection on September 4 when a MetroAccess car hit parked cars and flipped on its side.

The crash happened just before 8 a.m. on Rock Creek Church Road Northwest and Varnum Street Northwest, according to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). A spokesperson said the car hit two cars parked in the area before rolling onto its side. A customer was on board at the time. The driver of the car and the passenger were taken to hospital for injuries sustained in the crash, WMATA said.

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“Does someone have to die for someone to come and help us,” says Lawrence, whose car was one of the vehicles damaged in the September crash.

Improving the intersection has been a long battle for ANC Commissioner Jonah Goodman, who said he asked the DC Department of Transportation to make changes such as installing a Crosswalk on Rock Creek Church Road so pedestrians can get to a bus stop along the busy street.

“We asked for a controlled all-way stop here, a three-way stop so we could have traffic control,” says Goodman, who has been on the issue since 2017.

Goodman says the neighborhood is open to considering all sorts of safety measures like speed bumps and signs warning drivers of intersection hazards.

“The neighbors all up there just want a safer intersection. They hear cars stopping. They hear collisions. They hear cars crashing into the wall regularly. They just want a safe block they can live on . ”

WUSA9 has contacted the Department of Transportation for comment on the issues, but has yet to receive a response from the agency.

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A driver and passenger are in hospital after a MetroAccess car hit parked cars and flipped onto its side on Saturday morning.

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