3xLOGIC to highlight new products and updates at ISC West 2022


FISHERMEN, Indiana (March 16, 2022) – 3xLOGIC, Inc., a leading provider of integrated and intelligent security solutions, today announced its lineup of news and events planned for ISC West, March 23-25 ​​in Las Vegas, Nevada. Highlights include:

” After that ? Improve security and incident resolution with gunshot detection and integrated solutions »

3xLOGIC Managing Director Brad McMullen and Global Vice President of Sales Bill Hobbs will speak at a panel alongside Guy Grace, Vice President of the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools and 35-year veteran of school safety management, and Jin Kim, a retired FBI agent and subject matter expert in the field of active shooters and workplace violence risk management. The panel is scheduled for Thursday, March 24 from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. To learn more about this session, go here.

Industry Veteran Matt Alford Joins 3xLOGIC Management as Senior Director of North America Sales

Alford brings 20 years of physical security sales experience to the company’s sales team. “This company knocked it out of the park before I arrived, I’m excited to take our team to the next level,” he says. “See you in Las Vegas!”

New Varifocal Multi-Imager Camera

Designed for applications that require multiple angles of view that a standard camera cannot achieve, this new camera contains four 5MP varifocal lenses that provide separate video streams. Rather than purchasing and installing multiple cameras, dealers can now deploy a single device capable of capturing scene coverage.

Improvements to the VIGIL CLOUD mobile app

With its intuitive interface, the mobile app makes possible tasks such as watching videos, managing cases, viewing and reacting to notifications using gestures and motions common to many other mobile apps. . With the mobile app, users can easily access VIGIL CLOUD from anywhere, anytime, on their smartphone to quickly navigate the solution’s most important features.

Award-winning gunshot detection technology

Instead of microphones, infrared sensors, or complex scans, 3xLOGIC’s standalone device relies on simple and affordable concussion force recognition sensors to detect gunshots. When fired, a bullet creates a shock wave as it travels through the air. This shock wave creates a unique concussive force that the device is able to detect, reducing the risk of false activations due to other loud noises and preparing personnel to deal with threats immediately.

3xLOGIC will have a full presence in Las Vegas at the company’s largest 30′ x 50′ booth (#17089), holding meetings and updating integrator partners and end users.


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