16 dams to obtain a common monitoring system


As many as 16 dams under the Kerala State Electricity Board will soon be placed under a common monitoring network, which will be operated from a control and command center in Kottayam.

Officials of the KSEB Dam Safety Wing said the project, implemented under the Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) at a cost of ₹15.46 crore, was to be operational at from February 1.

“The decision to provide an advanced control and monitoring system is part of strengthening the security coverage of these key water facilities, which are located indoors where few people are allowed,” said a senior official. .

The project

According to the plan, each dam will have around eight to 12 cameras depending on their respective area, which will mainly be located above the wall, on the side, at the site office and in the power generation units.

The data obtained from the cameras will be sent to the central command center which will be established at the Dam Safety Organization at Pallom in Kottayam.

“The installation of cameras in vulnerable areas of four dams under the Sabarigiri and Kakkad power projects has already been completed. Out of this total, Kakki dam has 11 cameras while the remaining three dams of Moozhiyar, Anathodu and Pampa reservoirs have 12 each,” the official added.

The images to be captured by these cameras will also be monitored around the clock at the local command center which will be established at the security outposts manned by the Kerala Police.

Data backup

The project was awarded to an agency based in Thiruvananthapuram last year. He has already achieved about 50%. 4k projection rear cameras have a warranty of up to five years. The control center will have a data backup capacity of 40 days.

Official sources said that the installation of cameras comes against the background of a warning from the Intelligence Bureau to the KSEBL.

Previously, the Central Electricity Authority and the National Committee for Dam Safety also called for perpetual monitoring of dams, based on which the Union Department of Energy issued guidelines for physical, technological and cyber/informatics of hydroelectric projects.


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